Here's a small sampling of the work we do with our clients.

My demo reel, featuring clients like Virgin Galactic, 76 Words, Ghidotti Communications, Main Street Arkansas, Eric, Rob & Isaac, and Fearless Films.


Bucking the formula: Jeff chose to tell this story with no on-camera interviews, an approach that proved challenging in this visual testimonial for the Centers for Youth and Families in Little Rock.


See 5,000 women march on the Little Rock state capitol to a minister's prayer for our future. 


The story of a lifelong felon who is getting back on his feet through perseverance, faith and the helping hand of a Little Rock non-profit, City Connections.


We teamed up with country music star Steve Azar and cut a music video for a regional McDonald's coop.


A short narrative about the Little Rock Port Authority's short line railroad in the capital city.


A video produced for the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub for their recent event featuring seven healthcare startups who participated in the HubX Life Sciences accelerator.


The team and I had a blast with Ghidotti Communications producing this social media spot for Regional Recycling.


A narrative for Windstream in Little Rock, Arkansas.


A mock YouTube show, "Snacky Time with Emma," promoting the new Mac Jr and Grand Mac from McDonald's. 



A short narrative for the Arkansas 100 about Zambia native and Botswana-born Louise Kenga Lorata Mandumbwa, an artist living in central Arkansas. Said Louise, “Southern hospitality is similar to African hospitality.”