Here's a small sampling of the work we do with our clients.

My demo reel, featuring clients like Virgin Galactic, 76 Words, Ghidotti Communications, Main Street Arkansas, Eric, Rob & Isaac, and Fearless Films.


See 5,000 women march on the Little Rock state capitol to a minister's prayer for our future. 


The story of a lifelong felon who is getting back on his feet through perseverance, faith and the helping hand of a Little Rock non-profit, City Connections.


We teamed up with country music star Steve Azar and cut a music video for a regional McDonald's coop.


A short narrative about the Little Rock Port Authority's short line railroad in the capital city.


A video produced for the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub for their recent event featuring seven healthcare startups who participated in the HubX Life Sciences accelerator.


The team and I had a blast with Ghidotti Communications producing this social media spot for Regional Recycling.


A narrative for Windstream in Little Rock, Arkansas.


A mock YouTube show, "Snacky Time with Emma," promoting the new Mac Jr and Grand Mac from McDonald's. 



A short narrative for the Arkansas 100 about Zambia native and Botswana-born Louise Kenga Lorata Mandumbwa, an artist living in central Arkansas. Said Louise, “Southern hospitality is similar to African hospitality.”