All photography provided by Jeff Dailey

Jeff Dailey has been working for nearly a decade as a cinematographer and director, capturing visuals, interviewing subjects, helping clients achieve their storytelling goals.


Our Mission

We'll work with you to tell your story in a way that's relatable and authentic -- and help you connect with viewers on the internet, on social media, or even through documentary film.

We've worked with Fortune 500 companies, national non-profits and accomplished documentary film directors in recent years. In that time, Jeff has filmed in more than 35 states, helping clients engage customers, followers and key advocates through video and documentary film. 

Whether online, through social media or in traditional media environments, our team has the experience and creativity to tell your story in a way that resonates with customers and your community.

We don’t just shoot videos. We produce stories that connect with viewers visually and emotionally. We’ll help you meet your organizational goals. And we’ll get you results.

Full-service video production • Social media videos • Documentary filming • Website videos • Event coverage Directing • Cinematography • Filming interviews • Conducting interviews • BTS filming • Video narratives
— Jeff Dailey Media
Jeff filming behind the scenes for musician Steve Azar in Indianola, Mississippi.

Jeff filming behind the scenes for musician Steve Azar in Indianola, Mississippi.

What We've Achieved

  • Film a documentary about unveiling of a spaceship.
  • Collaborated with a favorite ad agency and scored over 300,000 video views in two days.
  • Directed a Steve Azar "The Delta Man" music video on behalf of McDonald's. 
  • Filmed and edited social media videos for a national non-profit across 15 states from the bus.
  • Scores of Addy's, Polly's and Prism Awards.
  • Filmed for 75 days and saw the final product on the big screen at Sundance.
  • Since 2007, conducted more than 1,000 conversational interviews with organizational leaders, politicians, grassroots organizers, musicians and more.
  • Eight years in business, pursuing dreams, meeting great people and aspiring for more.